a sailing boat of excellence


A Wauquiez is first and foremost a sailing boat: whatever the model, the samples are planned accordingly, and the components selected without concession to luxury, to make your Pilot Saloon or your Centurion a sailing boat for your peregrinations on all the seas of the world.

a perfect distribution of efforts


The structure of a Wauquiez is composed of a varangage (monobloc on some models) glued and laminated to the hull, as are the bulkheads. The keel is fixed by stainless steel bolts, and a perfect distribution of the rigging and appendages forces is ensured by their total integration to the boat structure.

an optimal resin/fiber ratio


The hull is molded with the greatest care, using bis phenolic resins for the outer layers, to ensure a healthy and very long life for your sailboat. Today, our French shipyard also uses the infusion technique which, beyond the protection of the environment, guarantees an optimal resin/fiber ratio, an outstanding rigidity (balsa sandwich) as well as an important weight gain.

excellent stiffness


The deck is also made of balsa sandwich, for excellent rigidity and perfect sound and thermal insulation. This appreciable weight saving "up top" adds to the stability of your liveaboard. The hull/deck junction is made by a polyurethane glue and a mechanical link. Finally, if you have chosen a teak deck, it is nice to know that it is installed in the tradition of the great luxury yachts.

The quality of the equipment


You will rarely find a more meticulous set of fittings and rigging than on a Wauquiez: only the best world brands are used. But beyond the quality of the equipment on board our luxury yachts, this choice also guarantees you excellent service during your cruises, on all the seas around the world.

a craftsman's work which animates the cabinetmakers of the site


It is without a doubt inside a Wauquiez that one can appreciate the remarkable work of our cabinetmakers. The furniture and partitions are varnished and adjusted with remarkable care, for the greatest pleasure of the eyes and the touch! The natural lighting from the panels and portholes, as well as the warm light from the interior lighting, create an inimitable atmosphere, highlighting the exceptional finish of the woodwork of each Wauquiez tall ship made by our craftsmen.