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Wauquiez Rendez vous Seattle

Some weeks ago, a fleet of Wauquiez was reunited in Seattle for the 29th Wauquiez Rendez Vous, Ken Greff, the organizer sent us this report :


The 2019 fleet of exquisite Wauquiez yachts gathered as the Pacific Northwest Wauquiez Owners association once again hosted yachts for the 29th annual Wauquez Rendezvous which was held in Port Townsend, WA, a small Victorian Seaport which is located adjacent to where the Straits of Juan De Fuca meet the entrance to Puget Sound.  


Twelve Wauquiez yachts were in attendance at the rendezvous this year with three other owners attending without their yachts bringing the total to 15 yachts being represented at the event.   The fleet ranged from the stunning Centurion 49 Caelestis, to the impeccably well sailed Gladiator 33 Black Rabbit, and included a Centurion 47, 45, 3 Centurion 42’s, a Centurion 41S, a Pilot Salon 43, Hood 38, and two Pretoriens.  Owners without their yachts represented a Hood 38, Pretorien 35, and Gladiator 33.  


Friday evening featured the welcome gathering and appetizer contest with yacht owners renewing friendships and making new friends.   With the wine and beverages provided by Wauquiez Boats as part of their sponsorship the evening was a hit for all in attendance.   We had the opportunity to meet and welcome Rob and Sue Jackson who have the Hood 38 Joyeux which is currently in Turkey. They traveled from Turkey to share stories of their voyage which took them from Puget Sound, down the West Coast of the America’s through the Panama Canal, and the Caribbean and on to the Mediterranean.   In addition, each yacht owner shared the “talk story” tradition by sharing a sea story to bring us aboard their yacht and meet their crew and recent sailing adventures. 


Saturday morning dawned with the annual “open boat” event where everyone is challenged to get aboard each and all of the yachts to visit with other owners, and share experiences with sailing adventures, boat maintenance and equipment upgrades.


Saturday afternoon featured the North American Wauquiez Championship Regatta. This year the race grew into a tight contest between the large Centurions powered up in the fresh breeze contending for the bragging rights of first to the weather mark and the coveted first place finish.  



The Centurion 42 Appa sailed a close race with C 49 Caelestis and C42 Airfaire and managed to take both first to the mark as well as first to finish on a relatively short course with the race committee calling for twice around as the wind built for the second lap around the marks.   

Final standings on corrected times: 

1st Place:  Centurion 42 APPA, Owner Marcus Reichert.   2019 North American Wauquiez Champion

2nd Place:  Pretorien 35:  SEEKER, Owner K. Greff

3rd Place:  Gladiateur 33: BLACK RABBIT, Owners Steve and Ginger Orsini.


Best of Show award for 2019 went to Pilot Salon 43: NORSKVIND, Owner:  Jim Knutson.


Saturday was capped off with the annual Awards Banquet which this year featured Texas style BBQ from a local food truck, with beverages once again compliments of Wauquiez Boats.  Mike Locatell of Discovery Yachts has continued with his generous support of the rendezvous, and he was in attendance to share stories of his new line of power vessels imported from Holland, as well as updates of the new Wauquiez models and his tour of the Wauquiez factory.   


The highlight of the evening were the keynote speakers Rob and Sue Jackson who graciously shared their expertise as well as their sea stories of cruising their beautifully updated and outfitted Hood 38 JOYEUX which they sailed from Seattle to the Caribbean, and then cruised extensively in the Mediterranean.   The stories of real-world cruising and visiting countries and connecting with cultures on both the European and African side of the Med, as well as sailing both to and within Turkey were fascinating and gave everyone a unique insight into cruising in this part of the world.  The Jacksons have had their Hood 38 for many years and have found it completely suitable for their cruising interests.   


Once again, we were reminded of the joys of cruising in a Wauquiez Yacht.   It was an honor and pleasure to host such expert voyagers at our Rendezvous and we thank the Jacksons for traveling from Europe to share their knowledge and experiences with us at the 2019 Rendezvous.  


Final boat visits and swapping of cruising plans for the season followed breakfast on Sunday as the fleet of yachts began the sail back to their respective home ports.   The marina soon to be taken over with the fleet of small boats competing in the Race to Alaska which started the following morning.  


The highlight of the Rendezvous has become the wonderful combination of friendships formed through the shared interest in sailing the magnificent Wauquiez yachts along with the exchange of expertise and experiences with ownership as well as the chance to sail in company with other Wauquiez yachts in the regatta.    Many owners have worked closely together for decades and crewed for each other on extensive ocean and coastal voyages.  It is true indeed that the Wauquiez Yachts are a joy to sail.   


The Northwest Wauquiez Owners Association will hold the:

30th Annual Wauquiez Rendezvous 

June 5-7, 2020 at Port Townsend WA.

We are looking forward to a particularly enjoyable event for this anniversary gathering and 

will be continuing our registration with the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta Program as we work to support the effort to reduce single use plastic and plastic on the oceans.