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Our boats have a soul

A lifetime devoted to building extraordinary boats, that was the destiny of Henri Wauquiez, who gave his name to our workshop in 1965. For a boat to qualify as a Wauquiez, there is no need to pile on the superlatives. A single word is enough to capture the essence built into each of our luxury yachts: quality and innovation. We have not chosen the path towards industrialisation, we prefer to let our know-how flow freely by offering you original, authentic excellence boats. World cruising sailboats that are safe, performing and comfortable for all those whose lives are marked by a passion for the sea, world cruises or regattas.


Making exceptional journeys

Aboard a Wauquiez, the spectacle of the sea is never-ending. Sitting or standing in the cabin of our livable sailboats, you can contemplate it as readily as if you were on the deck saloon. At the helm, the feeling of power grows increasingly intense over the miles. Manoeuvres are made easy with the self-tacking jib, high quality fittings and equipment strengthen your confidence. Each cruise turns into a unique journey.

The art and the substance

The sense of quality in a boat depends upon the choice of used materials and the standard of their finish. Wauquiez is one of the few French shipyards still to have its own carpentry shop. The teak – meticulously selected by the craftsman– is worked to measure and laid plank by plank by our carpenters to ensure the quality that you can expect on a luxury yacht. The upholstery fabrics and leathers meet the same standards, with every detail contributing to the success of the whole.

Designed for your comfort

If our boats are, above all, offshore sailboats, their success depends as much on their performance in the realm of comfort. Comfortable, whether sailing calm seas or in rough weather, during a world cruise or at anchor, with ease in manoeuvring through the incorporation of the most advanced materials. And, the reassuring knowledge that you are aboard a Wauquiez also arises from an emphasis on interior comfort of each livable sailboat, with luminous deck saloons, comfortable seating and beds, and most cabins equipped with bathroom.

Innovation for perfection

Our French shipyard produces excellence boats, which have evolved in step with technological innovations. The hulls of our large sailboats are produced by infusion to ensure an optimal resin/fibre ratio and the ideal weight. The decks and hulls are made of sandwich balsa wood for excellent rigidity and perfect thermal and sound insulation. The fittings, rigging and equipment come from craftsmen known for their quality and the strength of their networks all around the world.