Pilot Saloon

by Wauquiez

A new life begins


by Wauquiez

Sure value


by Wauquiez

Fly downwind


by Wauquiez

  • Pilot Saloon 58


  • Pilot Saloon 48

    New 2015 – A genuine deck saloon

    True to the genuine ‘’deck saloon concept’’, the Pilot Saloon 48 incorporates all the ‘’Pilot Saloon’’ hallmark features: panoramic sea views, great sailing performance and high quality of construction.


  • Optio

    News 2013 - an exclusive 9-meter Day Sailer

    The very first Day Sailer in the brand’s history, the Optio incorporates all the Wauquiez hallmark features: as all the models within the other ranges, it boasts the unmistakable sophistication, luxury and craftsmanship.

  • Centurion 57

    Awarded “European Luxury Yacht of the Year 2015”

    the heir of a long lineage of state-of-the-art cruiser-racers, the Centurion 57 is the quintessence of Wauquiez expertise in terms of conception and high end yacht building.

  • Pilot Saloon 65

    The encounter of a lifetime

    Space meets light, authenticity meets refinement, speed meets comfort, pleasure meets Freedom.

  • Centurion 40s.2

    All the intrinsic qualities of its predecessor and more

    A slender hull, a thoroughbred silhouette, sleek lines, a low, discreet roof, quality of the rigging and the fittings, an excellent close hauled performance thanks to her deep bulb ballast


Pilot Saloon 58